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חברת אמבר מסחר ותקשורת בע"מ

חברת אמבר מסחר ותקשורת בע"מ הינה נציגה מסומכת של חברת IR

בעלת התוכנה Prognosis , ועוד מוצרי תוכנה מתקדמים לבקרה ושליטה על מערכי טלפוניה IP .


Amber Communication Ltd is active in the sphere of information technology and is managed by senior and experienced personnel in this field. Amber Communication Ltd offers services and products in those main areas:

  • IBM Products
  • Hardware Services
  • Data communications equipment
  • Optic transceivers, for data and storage
  • Fiber Optics cables and accessories
  • SSD

IBM Products

IBM Z/I/P/X Serious: Consultancy, purchase and sale of used/new IBM equipment, which is supplied with an international guarantee of continued maintenance by IBM. This includes the supply of components, expansion box, computer memory, electronic boards etc for upgrading of installed equipment as well as CPU’s, controllers and peripheral equipment. Equipment specifications are carefully checked and managed by professionals in order to supply reliable, fast and economically viable solutions to the customer. IBM service engineers and others are consulted prior to their installation of the equipment.


We are provided hardware services for IBM mainframe Z serious , AS/400 units , include peripheral, our hardware services is provided by skilled technical persons.

Data communication equipment

Consultancy and supply of networking / communications equipment of new manufacture, refurbished, or used equipment all with guarantee by competent computer laboratory. As well we are selling networking equipment mainly from Cisco, HP, Juniper , AVAYA and others leaders networking manufacturers. Amber has trade agreements with major equipment suppliers abroad which allows for supply of available items, via international couriers and on the basis of Amber’s approved import/export licenses, within 4 working days.

Optic transceivers for networking and storage vendors

Amber specializes in supplying Gibic’s ,SFP’s, 10G units, for data networking , and for storage, originals and 100% compatible, all are with in high quality and very economical value.